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A turbulent summer, an even more turbulent autumn

As you may have noticed, blogging has been particularly slow over the past few months. From the beginning of the year as well, compared to previous years. This is due to a number of commitments I have bestowed upon myself (including a lot of new research I've been doing), and it will likely continue until the end of the year, so expect regular blogging to continue as it has in the past as of 2016. In the mean time I will write an occasional comment on a burning issue, but due to many outstanding obligations I will again be rather slow. It will be quality, not quantity in the next few months.  So, let's recap what has happened over the summer, and what awaits in the forthcoming months. Keeping up with the Greeks A whole number of things happened in Greece. The most important one was the referendum on the new austerity package  ("the bailout referendum") in July which the Greeks overwhelmingly rejected. In the immediate aftermath their Finance Ministe