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The bond market is showing no signs of recession. Yet.

This article was first published on Seeking Alpha on July 15th 2021 . This article contains updated graphs for the subsequent month and a half (a new version will look at the situation again in October).  A lot of investors and analysts like to look at various stock market indicators for signs of widespread market hubris, overconfidence, greed (&  fear ), or an upcoming contraction. Many like to point out that stock valuations are at their extremes, particularly in the tech sector, or that, for example, the Shiller PE ratio is running at a 39 multiple (the only time it was higher was prior to the 2000 dot-com bust). Many such indicators certainly have merit for uncovering sentiment, and while they can be good indicators of whether a bubble is reaching its climax (e.g. the Shiller PE ratio), whether a market is overheating, or that a correction is due, a much better indicator of an upcoming contraction is the bond market.  This is not only true historically (e.g. via the inverted y