Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Video: How would a Nobel prize winner run the economy?

From LSE's You Tube channel:

If the video doesn't work (some browsers could do that), see it here.

LSE's Nobel professor Christopher Pissarides is being 'grilled' by Conor Gearty in his Gearty Grillings. The short video surprisingly includes a lot of good ideas on the size of state, labor markets, and the Eurozone troubles. Even though he declares him self an open social democrat, it's obvious he believes in the power institutions and doesn't succumb to any of the typical socialist fallacies. Nor is he being unrealistic about the solutions awaiting Europe. 

Just to remind the readers, Pissarides won the Nobel prize for his search frictions theory in the labor markets. Here's the Nobel prize lecture, and you can find some of his best papers here, and the newest ones here.

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